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About Us

About The Contractors Foundation

The Contractors Foundation was established by a group of instructors that have provided pressure washing training classes and educational seminars for several Trade Organizations over the years.  Their personal experience as successful business owners creates a wealth of information that can help new companies to avoid many of the problems they will deal with as they grow.

With extensive experience in the Restaurant, Bar & Cafe, Contractor Equipment, Banking, Coffee Shoppes, Maintenance, Accounting, Home Improvement, Pressure Washing, Contractor Supplies, Electrician, Marketing, Plumbing and Pest Control Industries our Instructors have a huge wealth of information and experience to draw from, at very affordable pricing.

Amazingly, one common element that 95% of our Instructors have is the pressure washing industry, so you are considering starting a power washing company, or adding power washing services to an existing business, the Contractors Foundation is the best choice there is for training you can find.

With our training programs you will learn how to buy the right power washers for the services you want to provide, instead of relying on the “expertise” of the guy at your local hardware store.

We can teach you all of the industry standards and methods for power washing any surface, because Instructors at the Contractors Foundation helped to create most of the standards in use today!   We can also show you how using power washing chemicals  can increase the quality of your work, and cut down the time it takes you to clean any surface.  Our instructors have spent over 30 years working with chemists, manufacturers and contractors, to design some of the best power washing chemicals in use today by contractors across the nation!

If your ready to start your power washing company, click here to contact our office, or check out some of our power washing manuals or power washing classes to get more information.

What is the Contractors Foundation?

The Dictionary defines it best as:

Contractor; One that contracts to perform work or provide services

Foundation; a basis (as a tenet, principle, or axiom) upon which something stands or is supported; an underlying base or support structure to provide a resource for education that any contractor can use to be more successful.

The Contractors Foundation is a professional society formed through the efforts and
contributions of both contractors and distributors. It was created to give you an easier way to start a service based contracting company, or to help you add additional services to your existing company within a constantly changing market.

Purpose of the Contractors Foundation

The purpose of Contractors Foundation is to further trade professionalism through both
education and the promotion of Best Management Practices and Standards for contractors.

The intent is to positively affect the level of professionalism for all service-based contractors in every industry that we work with.

The world we live in needs contractors who provide services like power washing, pest control, and other home maintenance services more than ever. Are you up to the challenge? Hundreds of people – just like you – have made the decision to start their new careers as contractors in the service industry with guidance from the Contractors Foundation. New standards and regulations and technology advancements are spawning improved methods for providing services and marketing. With the help and support from established professionals, we can help you get started on the right foot right now.

Understanding the advancements in training and technology in the service industry can unlock the door to more opportunities and a more profitable operation.

If you are looking for a practical trade that you can earn an income without the hassles of
managers and supervisors, the Contractors Foundation can help you get started right! We have helped many of our students learn how they can generate as much as $200 per hour or more in sales.

Contractors Foundation offers the classroom and hands-on training that can set you apart from the crowd. Our Instructors are successful contractors who will give you the benefit of their experience; so that you don’t over buy or under buy your equipment, so that you can be confident in your bid numbers, so that you discover the specialty niches that are the most rewarding.

The Contractors Foundation was formed from a pool of contractors, vendors, manufacturers and instructors from other training companies that have extensive experience in the power washing, pest control, and home maintenance trades. Some of our instructors created the original training program for the Power Washers of North America, and then moved on to create a even better training system for the power washing industry. Many of our Instructors have been featured speakers at industry conventions for organizations like IWCA, PWNA, MWCofA and more.

If you want to learn about starting a company right away, the Contractors Foundation should be your first call. Contact Us now and start your service business today!

Who Created The Contractors Foundation And Why?

The President and Co-Founder of the Contractors Foundation is Henry Bockman of Germantown, Maryland.  The Secretary/Treasurer and Co-Founder of the Contractors Foundation is Everett Abrams of Shamong, NJ.

The idea for Contractors Foundation came from their years of working with training programs for contractors in many different industries and trade organizations. They shared a vision of better classes taught by motivated instructors who could share their own path to success with students. To give Contractors Foundation the best base possible, they sought out contributors with experience and knowledge from a base of contractors, manufacturers, and vendors.

The Foundation has become a large umbrella under which the best teachers have an opportunity to reach the widest audience.

If you are a successful business owner with a depth of experience and a driving desire to teach and share, you can become a part of the Contractors Foundation team!

Call us: 866-621-7511

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