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Contractor SEO, The Search Engine Optimization Guide For Contractors

Contractors Guide To Search Engine Optimization
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Contractor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips that can save you Thousands of dollars!  Hiring a Web Site building company usually costs a few thousand dollars, but hiring the "WRONG Web Site Builder" can cost you far more in sales!

If you have a web site for your company, this guide on contractor Search Engine Optimization will show you everything you need to know to get your site found at the top of the search engines!  Having a presence online can make a huge difference to your company, nearly 95% of consumers use the Internet to look for a service provider, or to check out a companies reviews before hiring them.

Almost 250 million searches for products and businesses are performed per day on Google alone. DM News reported that 35% of all Internet searches are local. comScore reported that 90% of local commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases. Online marketing is expected to be 15% of all media advertisement spending in 2013. It’s currently approximately 7.6%. So it's important that you build a web site, and it's even more important to build it right using the best format for contractor SEO! 

This guide on Search Engine Optimization tips will show you what's important to have on your site, and what elements to avoid.  Most companies make simple mistakes when building their web site that affect how their company shows up online, or if it can even be found at all! Most companies make the mistake of testing their companies web site rankings by typing their company name in Google's search engine, that isn't enough!  The prospective clients that you want to contact your company have never heard of you before, so coming in on the first page of Google for "John's Power Washing Service" won't help you at all!

While the technology is fascinating, this global connection has also created problems for some local business owners. Marketing a service based business has changed completely over the last 5 years, and contractor SEO is a necessity because running an ad in the local newspaper or phone book just doesn't work anymore!  It takes a strong web presence to bring in new clients. When you need information or need to find a product or service you probably go online, just like Billions of other people do every day. The Internet is a new age marketing “must have” for all businesses. If a business wants to continue to grow and get new customers, creating an online presence is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

The Search Engine Optimization tips in this guide will provide several powerful avenues to help your businesses continue to get more leads, more customers, and more profits. This is great news, because most businesses are being left in the wind when it comes to online marketing, which leaves the door wide open for you, if you have the right information.  Every day your competitors are implementing online strategies that allow them to dominate your local market. If you are not establishing a strong online presence, your chance of connecting with local customers is greatly reduced. Without it, you’re just letting money slip right through your fingertips, and your competitors are picking it up.  Get the contractor SEO tips in this guide today and take your business into the next Century!

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