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My name is Tom and I've been in the power washing and exterior restoration business for nearly ten years. Recently I decided it was time to renew my wood restoration and house washing certifications while also adding roof cleaning as a service for my company. With that I decided to enroll in the classes offered by The Contractor's Foundation. The instructors Pete Marentay and Henry Bockman have solid reputations in the restoration community as well as many years experience and are both very successful in their trade.
Both of them have been instrumental in helping me to build my business and garner knowledge since I first met them ten years ago. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed with their tutelage. I came away from the class with a new perspective on how to manage my business, valuable counsel regarding SEO for my website, many tips and "tricks of the trade" designed to save money and time and technical information regarding various aspects of our industry that I can apply immediately.
The training manuals supplied are a virtual gold mind that will advance everyone looking to be a success in this business. Whether you are new to this field and want to fast track your learning curve or a seasoned pro anxious to hone your skill while adding to your expertise you will benefit from the Contractor's Foundation's curriculum and the instructor's wisdom. Highly recommend!
Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions
Thomas McMillan, Aqua Pro Cleaning Solutions
My original certifications with the Contractor's Foundation gave my business a mega jump start into exterior cleaning and restoration work. The technical knowledge I gained was without compare, and would have taken years of experimenting and thousands of dollars in mistakes to discover on my own. Now, we use the Contractor's Foundation to train our more advanced technicians as well! The business and sales training has also proved invaluable. This industry can be very profitable, IF you can avoid the many pitfalls that put so many companies out of business. I can personally vouch that the decades of experience and business success that the instructors bring to the table will help you maximize your business potential.
Jonathan Mulock, Falconbridge Property Services, Inc.

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