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Our Instructors

Everett Abrams Pressure Washing Instructor
“The Wizard of Wood” – Everett L. Abrams Jr.

Everett L. Abrams Jr., founder of Triangle Alliance, has passionately devoted over two decades cultivating his trade and developing his entrepreneurial skills. The trials and tribulations endured and overcome throughout his lengthy career, coupled with Abrams’ success and determination, has earned his reputation as an industry leader and dubbed him the nickname, “The Wizard of Wood.”

Abrams’ educational foundation in business management instilled within him the necessary tools and knowledge to commence multiple, successful business ventures. He fortified his ambition and strengthened his career by working positions in corporate training, multi-unit management, and operations manager. Abrams began laying the framework for his future profession by first engaging in prominent and recognizable careers within the restaurant industry, often soliciting sole responsibility for major companies such as PepsiCo and Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Abrams began his career in 1992, delving into the pressure washing industry. Almost immediately, realizing his passion laid in wood restoration, a prominent sector within the pressure washing industry, he envisioned a future in exterior wood restoration, wherein his unwavering trade skills would surpass all others in the field.

Abrams pursued his dream first by thoroughly absorbing any and all information that could propel his career and kick start possible opportunities. He studied every morsel of accessible information, including industry related books and manuals in conjunction with attending numerous seminars. The relentless pursuit of his dreams enabled Abrams’ introduction to key industry leaders, and eventually earned hi m a seat on the Joint Coatings Committee of the Forest Products Laboratory, an organization that creates the standards for the wood industry and is headed under the Department of Agriculture. As the very first contractor ever to serve, Abrams dutifully performed on the committee for three years. As a PWNA executive committee member, all across the country from 2003 until 2009, he subsisted as a validated wood instructor, certifying contractors in wood restoration.

Abrams is considered the principal pioneer in exterior wood restoration. Before Abrams delved into this venture, exterior wood restoration was not industry specific regarding educational focus and explicit material intended to teach contractors this genre of wood restoration was not available.

As well, Abrams created Deck Restoration Plus, a franchise concept headquartered in Shamong, Burlington County, exclusively founded and designed by Abrams, and maintained for the provision of educational services directed at contractors all across the Unites States. Additionally, Abrams also operates Abrams Farms Plus, Abrams Plus Consulting LLC, and Alliance Training and Education Services LLC.

Abrams solidified the foundation into which Deck Restoration Plus would root itself, eventually carving a niche within the trade that created a new level of standards for industry workers to learn from. The core values and unprecedented craftsmanship Abrams instilled within the company, grew in reputation, thus allowing Deck Restoration Plus to snake its roots so deeply within its vocation, it became as structurally defining to the wood industry, as was wood to the company.

Since the beginning of this decade, Abrams has contributed countless hours and monetary donations in hopes of further educating fellow contractors and continuing to elevate industry standards through roundtable events, touring the country instructing PWNA Boot Camps, and teaching classes and seminars nationwide.

Even now in 2011, Abrams and his Deck Restoration Plus franchise continue to grow and are widely considered leading authorities in the industry. Deck Restoration Plus continues evolving, and now offers a line of quality cleaning and restoration chemicals, as well as wood sealers. These products were created exclusively by Abrams and a professional chemist. They are proven better than the leading brands, remaining second to none in the industry.

Abrams and his companies’ achievements are numerous and can be traced through various online sources and assorted print magazines. Abrams has been highlighted in Celebrate South Jersey Magazine and has also contributed numerous articles to the national magazine, Cleaner Times. Abrams was featured on the cover of the March/April 2007 issue of Professional Deck Builder Magazine within which he retained the issue’s feature article.

Abrams continues to public articles both online and in hard copy, for different publications committed to his trade. He has co-written manuals used to nationally teach and certify Wood Restoration Contractors, among other trade-related issues. Because of his work, experience, and writings, Abrams is often solicited by contractors and manufactures from across the country for advice and recommendations.

Recently, Abrams was recognized to instruct a seminar for the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) on proper methods of wood restoration for deck builders and coatings contractors, at their annual Deck Expo 2006. At Deck Expo 2007 Everett was asked to instruct the first two day educational course by NADRA for Wood Restoration.

In 2006 Abrams received the industries top award in the PWNA as the recipient of the prestigious Robert Hinderliter Award. Abrams has been previously recognized for various certifications in wood restoration volunteer efforts within the pressure washing industry as well as civic compliance with other various associations.

Everett Abrams presented on Wood Technology & the changes our industry faces. Mr Abrams is a 25 year Veteran on the UAMCC mentor program and has taught Wood Care for over 20 Years. He is the top wood care professional throughout the country. Everett a Past President of the and Chair on Joint Committee for Forest Labs he is no stranger to Education. Everett is hosting a Wood FEST in April in the Carolinas and is putting on a free 101 Course on Wood Restoration. If you interested in this Please See To contract Everett Direct :

Everett Abrams has Wood Certifications from Power Washers of North America, Wolman, Flood, and Penofin. He teaches the Wood Certification Class for PWNA and is also on the Board of Directors of PWNA. He is regarded as one of the top experts in the industry. Abrams has also been instrumental, and received a Certificate of Appreciation, in organizing National Roundtable Meetings to educate and elevate the professionalism and standards of the Wood Restoration and Pressure Washing industries.

Abrams resides and works in Shamong, N.J., where he owns Abrams Plus Inc. (Deck Restoration Plus, Abrams Pressure Washing Plus, Abrams Pest Control Plus, and Abrams Farms Plus). Deck Restoration Plus is a franchise company that specializes in exterior wood restoration and manufactures a complete line of logo-specific chemicals and supplies.

Abrams has been an Instructor for PWNA Wood Certification since 2003. He is also a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the Forest Products Society.

Pete Marentay
Pete Marentay, Mr. Sun Brite!

Since selling Sun Brite Supply in 2012, Pete has worked with the Contractors Foundation to create pressure washing training manuals, business guides, and to teach pressure washing classes.

Peter “Pete” Marentay brings a wealth of information to the Contractors Foundation as a contractor for 8 Years, and his 9 years of experience as a pressure washing supply vendor until 2012, when he sold his company Sun Brite Supply.

Pete's unique experience has enabled him to invent and build some of the industries best pressure washing chemicals, and the first "Service Based Equipment" in the industry.  Some of his inventions consist of the "Deckster Deck Sprayer" a 12 Volt deck spraying system for applying cleaners, strippers, brightners and deck sealers.  He also created the "Roofster Roof Cleaning System" The only low pressured, gas powered pump system in the industry capable of spraying a 50' stream of Sodium Hypochlorite at high concentrations.

After starting his Contractor Business many years ago, Pete recognized the need for formal training in the pressure washing industry, he combined his contracting experience with his background in corporate training and began to develop programs for the industry. Beginning with Wood Restoration in early 1999, he has written and taught numerous seminars and courses covering topics like cleaning and sealing decks and fences, house washing, chemical safety, environmental cleaning, marketing for service businesses, and more. He has presented seminars and classes to members of PWNA, IWCA, MWCoA, UAMCC, NADRA, and others and has published articles in Cleaner Times and other industry-related magazines. As part of a small team, Pete was instrumental in the creation of the original PWNA Certification Course for Wood Restoration in late 1999.  Pete served two terms as a Director of PWNA over the last decade, where he held positions as the Certification Committee chair and the Communication Committee chair. He also served on the PWNA Advisory Board.

He is a former Vice President of The Coffee Beanery, Ltd., where he was responsible for both equipment distribution and new equipment development for their 200 retail locations. Mr. Marentay designed and developed a modular equipment package for new stores, lowering costs and speeding up new store openings. He created and taught a portion of franchisee training while at Coffee Beanery.

Prior to that time, Pete was a part of Domino’s Pizza where he streamlined equipment packages and their delivery to new stores. The system he developed enabled the company to set a record, opening almost 800 new locations in one year. His success opened other doors for him, and he ventured into the business world as a Domino’s franchisee. During this time he was elected twice to the Presidency of CAN-FAC (the Canadian Franchise Advisory Council) and also served on the President’s Council of Domino’s Pizza Corporation from 1988 to 1990. As a franchisee in a leadership role, he developed an employee training program for the Canadian Domino’s franchisees. Seeing an unfilled need as President of CAN-FAC, he spearheaded a program for franchisees experiencing problems to help turn their businesses around.

While at Domino’s Pizza, Pete was one of the contributors to the creation of the Executive Training course, and was recognized as the Corporate Person Of The Year by Domino’s Distribution in 1984 for his contributions to the expansion efforts of the chain.

Peter attended Eastern Michigan University, where he majored in Business Administration. At school, he met and married Mary, his wife of more than forty years. They live in Lawrenceville, Georgia with their two dogs. They raised two sons and have three grandchildren.

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