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House Washing Certification

House Washing Certification From The Contractors Foundation
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How many questions are in the house washing certification exam? The Contractors Foundation house washing certification exam consists of 75 random questions that are randomly pulled from a database of over 300 questions to ensure that each house washing exam is different. What type of questions are on the house washing certification exam? The types of test questions you can expect to see in the Contractors Foundation house washing exam, are made up of the following formats. Multiple Choice True or False questions Short video segments of house washing services. Photographs of house washing The house washing certification exam isn't easy, it is designed to ensure that you know what your doing, and that you know how to do it right!  We also want to know that you understand the dangers or house washing without the proper safety equipment and training.  After completing this house washing certification test, you will know more about house washing services than 75% of the contractors that are doing it now! What will I get for passing the House Washing Certification Exam? After successfully completing the house washing exam with a score of 80%, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can frame to hang up in your office, or to show to your clients during an estimate. You will also receive some HTML code that you can add to your web site to show visitors to your site that you have passed the House Washing Certification Exam. Are you ready to separate yourself from your local competition by proving to yourself, and to your customers that you can pass the House Washing Certification Exam from the Contractors Foundation?

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