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How To Pressure Wash Houses Training Class

Learn how to pressure wash houses with Vinyl siding, EIFS, Brick, Aluminum and many other types of materials.
Price: $199.99



Learn how to pressure wash houses like a professional contractor! 

In this house washing class, you will learn how professionals use power wash equipment but zero pressure techniques to clean home exteriors the safe way. You will also learn how to buy the right equipment, the industry-accepted practices and methods, all about chemical reactions, pH scales, dwell times, soaps, surfactants and a whole lot more!  Click here to find out more about our pressure washing classes!

Our House Washing Classes Include:

A classroom session that goes over all of the details you need to know to properly wash houses. A copy of our House Washing Manual. Videos showing how house washing is done out in the field. Hands on training, or an on site demonstration if hands on training is not available in the area. You will also receive a free credit to take our House Washing Certification Exam!

Our house washing classes will teach you the right methods, tips and tricks that take most contractors years to learn through trial and error!  Stop losing house washing  jobs to contractors with little or no experience and learn how you can set yourself apart from your competition as a professional pressure washing contractor! Many of the cleaning applications we will discuss can be used on various types of exterior surfaces, including aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, Dryvit (a.k.a. EIFS or synthetic stucco), brick and masonry, wood and other surfaces. Pressure washers are the main tool used in today’s market and we will discuss the use of a pressure washer at length as well as other methods and best management practices.

Many contractors believe that residential power washing of homes is one of the most profitable fields in power washing. When you consider the time it takes to do the job, the cost of cleaners and the cost of labor it’s easy to see why so many companies start up doing nothing but house washing.

The opportunities that lie waiting for contractors that provide house washing services are enormous. One obvious reason is the amount there is to clean in any city or town around the world. It’s a dirty world out there. Another is that this is a relatively “easy-entry” business and one that even some homeowners and company executives will attempt themselves or delegate to in-house employees. This is where the need for "real professionals" becomes so obvious. There are safety issues and proper techniques that should be followed no matter who performs the work. The more you know, the more valuable you are - particularly after an untrained person attempts a job meant for a professional.

While we discuss the proper techniques in this house washing class for anyone to perform the work we can not over-emphasize the marketing opportunity for a "true professional" in the exterior home and building cleaning market.

It is important for every contractor to have the knowledge in place before going to a property to give an estimate or make a proposal. This course will start your foundation of knowledge - one that you will continue to build upon as you move forward to becoming the local house washing expert in your area.  Click here to find out more about our pressure washing classes!

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