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Marketing, Bidding And Selling Pressure Washing Services Class

marketing, bidding and selling pressure washing services class
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Marketing, Bidding And Selling Pressure Washing Services

Some of the most difficult issues that you will face as a business owner aren't just pressure washing, marketing and figuring out prices for pressure washing services can be quite a challenge for most pressure washing companies as well.  Click here to check out our other pressure washing classes and training manuals!

Your business plan should include an estimate of your planned spending for marketing your services. It is typical for a new or growing business to spend anywhere from 6% - 15% for Marketing. In the beginning, much more spending is needed to establish top-of-mind awareness in your area. Over time, it is common for even a well-established business to spend as much as 8% to promote their services.

We recommend that contractors earmark at least 6% of their expected sales to market their businesses – if not a lot more. There are a number of ways to do this effectively.

The first step in making a good Marketing Plan is to ask yourself the basic questions: Who are you marketing to? What are you marketing? When are you going to market your company? Where are you going to market? How are you planning to execute your Marketing Plan?
Before you can market your service, you MUST know...

There are two distinct approaches to marketing – Dynamic and Informational. Dynamic marketing reaches out to the customer, forces him or her to consider whether or not they want your services. Informational marketing is limited in that the customer must first decide they need a service like yours and then search for information about who to hire. Each of these types of marketing uses different Media and Messages.
Your business needs both of these approaches to pull in customers.

Examples of Dynamic marketing media are:
* Flyers
* Signs
* Newspaper display ads
* Direct Mail
* Shared Mail
* Radio
* TV
* Billboards
* Cold Calls
* Magnets
* Community newsletters
* Postcards
* Referral programs

Examples of Informational marketing media are:
* Yellow Pages
* Service Directory
* Web Page
* Magnets
* Business Cards Vehicle Identity (?)
* Premium items

Plan your marketing to get the biggest bang for every dollar spent, and make yourself available to everyone who wants to find you.
Enhance your image: Write articles in newspapers about proper methods of power washing. Be seen as the local expert in the power washing industry.  Charity programs, donating services to charities.

Internet Marketing
If you believe that your target customer is going to look for a service contractor in your field on the internet, then you MUST be findable. You must show up in one of the first pages, or you won’t get the call.  We will go into a LOT of details on how to market your company online, how to build a web site, and how to make sure that your web site converts into customers!

You have a brand-new company and you need to get it launched right. You think you have a good idea who your target customer is, and you need to consider the message you are sending out. You have decided to target the Female Head Of Household (FMOH). Your message must address your particular selling points as they relate to this target customer.

No two companies are in the exact same situation at the same time, so there is no “right” answer. What do you want your customer to know about you and what you do?

Lowest Prices?
Competitive Prices?
Highest Prices?
Only game in town?
Better than the other guys?
One Step Above The Rest?
Can get to customer’s work right away?
Make driveways and houses sparkle?
Guaranteed results?
Highest quality materials?
Highest quality workmanship?
Specialize in Wood Restoration?
Offer complete power wash services?
Window washing?
Offer unusual services like roof washing?
Other objects cleaned? Sealed?
Your service is Prevention?
Won’t mess the house up too much?
You are the answer to their needs?
Have the right Image?
Your service is Beautification?
Won’t kill the dog or the fish in the pond?
You are there to protect their investment?
You are there to preserve the wood?

Whatever attributes your company has will become your list of Features and Benefits (selling points). Everything that makes you different or better than your competitors (or the actual homeowner) should be on this list and on the tip of your tongue. These tell the customer why your company is the only one for them to hire. These bullet points will help you overcome any objections that the customer might have about hiring you. Be careful though, if you try to send too many messages then you are making a fatal mistake!

If you would like more information on Marketing your pressure washing company, selling your services or how to price pressure washing jobs, sign up for the class!  Learn about our other pressure washing classes here!

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