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Our Two Day Pressure Washing Training Classes Package!

Start a pressure washing Business
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  • Buy 2 - 4 and get an additional 25 % off


Two Day Pressure Washing Training Classes

Learn how to start a pressure washing company from experienced professionals with Years of experience running successful pressure washing companies!  Or add pressure washing services to your existing company and earn more money from all of your existing clients! 

Pressure washing services can be extremely profitable, but there are a lot of things that you need to know to learn how to start a pressure washing company and be successful at it.  Most pressure washing companies usually fail within Three years because they make simple, but fatal mistakes that can easily be avoided.  Let the Instructors from the Contractors Foundation help you start a successful pressure washing company by learning from their years of experience.
  • Have you always wanted to start your own company so you don't have to deal with a boss or office politics?
  • Do you want to set your own hours and spend more time with your family?
  • Do You want to break into contracting work with a solid and proven business plan?
  • Is your carpentry or painting business slowing down, and you're looking for new ways to make money?
  • Are you looking to expand into a lucrative new service with your already successful home improvement business?

The pressure washing business is a highly lucrative one. One that's always in demand. For new pressure washing companies, that do things the right way, the profit potential is huge.

But breaking into this $Xm a year business all on your own isn't exactly easy.

Unfortunately, far too many aspiring contractors jump in headfirst (on the shallow end of pool), thinking they can buy their gear, start going door-to-door, and magically have a flourishing business on their hands.

You and I know it's not that simple.

On one hand, you have the technical side of things: what rig to buy,  what chemicals to use on which surface, what techniques you should use to ensure you do a good job, etc.

On the other hand, you have the equally important business side: pricing your services, getting insured, bidding on contracts, attracting customers to your website, and more.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg!

The amount of knowledge required to break in to the pressure washing business is massive!

I'm not going to lie to you though. You could probably figure out a lot of this stuff on your own.

But it wouldn't be cheap.


We learn life's most important lessons from our mistakes. In the pressure washing business, that means it's going to cost you many thousands of dollars and countless hours of your time, and it could take you months, even years, before you see any profits.

Believe me, I learned everything the hard way. I experienced a lot of ups and downs, spent way more money than I needed to, but was lucky enough to have a few mentors along the way that led me in the right direction toward success.

And that's exactly why these training classes were created in 2004.  Since then, these classes have been endorsed and adopted by industry organizations that have charged Thousands of Dollars for these classes in the past.  But now they are taught by the original Instructors that designed the classes and training guidelines for the industry at more affordable prices.  The classes are also revised every year to ensure that they contain the latest information so that you succeed!

Now you can learn this industry's most important lessons, the techniques and tricks we have picked up through years of trial and error, as well as invaluable lessons from other industry experts - without having to pay the full cost that'd be required to learn all this stuff on your own.

Starting a pressure washing business, a profitable one at that, isn't easy. But with the knowledge you'll acquire in our 2 day value-packed training sessions, you can fast track your path to profits, and make your life much easier in the process.

Introducing The Contractors Foundation...


The Ultimate 2 Day Pressure Washing Training Class

We've designed a 2-day training course that covers absolutely everything you'll need to break into the booming pressure washing business.

Those that have attended our previous training sessions have gone on to start highly profitable businesses, or have added a new income stream that has taken their existing business to the next level.

Here's just a small sampling of what you and/or your staff will gain from our hands-on training classes:


Starting A Pressure Washing Company($199 Value Retail)

Discover what it takes to establish a pressure washing company with a business plan that's designed for guaranteed success. This class will help you navigate through the legal paperwork, marketing, customer management, what tools you'll need to dominate your field, and more. Learn how you can earn over $150 an hour, by taking the most popular pressure washing training classes in the industry!

Pressure Washing Training For House Washing

House Washing Training ($199 Value Retail)

You will also learn how to buy the right equipment, the industry-accepted practices, all about chemical reactions, pH scales, dwell times, soaps, surfactants and a whole lot more. Our house washing classes will teach you the right methods, tips and tricks that take most contractors years to learn through trial and error! Stop losing jobs to contractors with little or no experience and learn how you can set yourself apart from your competition as a professional pressure washing contractor!


Roof Cleaning Training ($199 Value Retail)

Learn how to clean roofs from professional roof cleaning contractors with years of experience cleaning asphalt, wood shake and slate roofing systems. Cleaning roofs for residential and commercial roofing has become one of the best profit centers of the exterior cleaning business over the last decade. Strike while the iron is hot, and get in on the this proven money-maker.


Wood Restoration Training ($299 Value Retail)

Our wood restoration classes will teach you how to clean and seal decks and other wood surfaces and everything you need to know to become an expert in wood restoration! This course includes information on sealing decks and professional wood restoration procedures that will show you how to get professional looking results in less time!


Marketing, Bidding and Selling Pressure Washing Services ($149 Value Retail)

To achieve success in your new business, there are a number of things you have to be able to do well. You have to be able to market effectively, you have to answer the phone when the customer calls, you have to be able to bid competitively, you have to be able to close the sale, and you have to be able to complete the work to the customer’s satisfaction. This course will show you how to do just that.


Taking Your Pressure Washing Business to the Next Level ($249 Value Retail) 

This could be one of the most valuable guides that you read on pressure washing. Everyone operating a pressure wash business wants to be profitable, but most of us are not actually trained in operating a business. This class teaches you the advanced business principles that will transform your small business into THE AUTHORITY in your region.

We understand that your time is precious and, for many, money is tight.

While other training programs expect you to give up an entire week of your time, and pay nearly $3000 for the privilege, our program is condensed into 2 value-packed days, that gets you back to your life and ready to start making money - for a fraction of the cost!

Learn Everything You Need To Grow a Profitable Pressure Washing Business for Only $699

This two day course will equip you with all the technical and business knowledge you'll need to be a success in the pressure washing industry.

Our team of experts, who each have a minimum of 10 years of real-life experience under their belts running successful pressure washing companies, will teach you everything they know; from how to choose your equipment, market your services, to attracting and landing that big corporate contract, and everything in between.

This 2 Day Pressure Washing Training Class Includes All Of These Training Manuals

With All This Extra Free Stuff, You'd Be Crazy To Pass on This Opportunity

To really drive home that this is the best Pressure Washing Training Program you'll ever find, we're giving away a bunch of sweet freebies, in the form of 6 additional training manuals (a $749 total value):

  • EPA Compliant Pressure Washing - Our classes will teach you everything you need to know to be compliant with the Clean Water Act and teach you how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Safe Chemical Use For Cleaning Contractors - Employers and employees all gain when a safe environment prevents injury or death, lost time and lost opportunity, and needless costs.
  • Marketing On Craigslist - With over 50 Million visitors a year, Craigslist can open the door to thousands of new customers for your business!  This guide will show you how to use it to your best advantage!
  • Search Engine Optimization For Contractors - Learn how to optimize your website for the search engines and get more customers!
  • Get Listed: A Guide to Getting Customers Online - To advertise your company where people are actively searching for your services, you need to GET LISTED ONLINE!

Whether you're already a successful contractor or if you've never picked up a hammer in your life, with all this at your disposal, you can become the leading pressure washing provider in your area.  Just Click here to check out all of our pressure washing classes!

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