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Roof Cleaning Training Class

roof cleaning training classes from the Contractors Foundation
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Price: $199.00



Learn how to clean roofs

This roof cleaning class is rated as one of the best classes in the Country for teaching contractors how to clean roofs.  Our Instructors are proud to have developed the First Roof Cleaning Manuals and training classes, and we constantly update all of our training materials to stay up to date with the latest technology in the industry!  Click here to see our classes on roof cleaning and pressure washing!

Our Roof Cleaning Classes Include:

  • A classroom session that explains the construction of roofs and the different types of shingle systems that you will clean in your area.
  • Add on Services that you can offer to your clients
  • How to inspect a roof before bidding the job.
  • How to price roof cleaning services for different types of roofing materials, pitches and different situations.
  • We will discuss and explain all of the details you need to know to properly clean roofs, including safety concerns, chemicals and equipment.
  • Step by step procedures on exactly how to perform roof cleaning services
  • A step by step roof cleaning system that you can use for cleaning roofs that can prevent common mistakes and problems on job sites.
  • A copy of our Roof Cleaning Manual.
  • Videos and power point presentations showing you how roof cleaning is done in the field.
  • Classroom Demonstration of roof cleaning equipment and methods.
  • You will also receive a free credit to take our Roof Cleaning Exam!
  • As you can see, our Roof Cleaning Classes will teach you the right methods, tips and tricks that take most contractors years to learn through trial and error!  Stop losing roof cleaning jobs to contractors with little or no experience and learn how you can set yourself apart from your competition as a professional roof cleaning contractor!

Why Our Roof Cleaning Classes Are Voted #1 In the Industry

The primary focus of our Roof Cleaning Classes, our manuals and our seminars is QUALITY.  Our second focus is PROFITABILITY.   Every part of our training is designed to set you apart as a roof cleaning professional. In this material we will spend considerable time on techniques, tools, materials, etc. with the intention of teaching you the most effective way to clean roofs and operate your company. We will never teach you to sacrifice quality for profit, and we will always demonstrate the least expensive way to achieve customer satisfaction using the most effective cleaners in the industry. Click here to see our classes on roof cleaning and pressure washing!

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