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Starting A Pressure Washing Company Class

Starting A Pressure Washing Company Training Class
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Starting A Pressure Washing Company Is Easy With The Right Information!

Most people starting a pressure washing company find that, as one-person operations, they can't seem to get beyond a certain volume of sales during the year.  There just isn’t an endless supply of hours and days, no matter how successful they are at making the phone ring. Those of us who are willing to do the work and make the necessary investments can grow your companies to much larger and more stable operations if you can just find the right people and teach them what you have learned – without training them to become competitors!

Before you start filing all of the legal documents for starting a pressure washing company you should consider taking our pressure washing 101 class. You can't get better information on starting a pressure washing company than by taking a class about it from some of the leading experts in the pressure washing industry. All of our instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience running profitable pressure washing companies. So if your seriously considering starting a pressure washing company, this class is made for you!   Learn more about all of our pressure washing training classes here!

The Key To Starting A Pressure Washing Company That's Successful

When your starting a pressure washing company, you need to think about creating systems for your business that will help you grow.  A system is an organizational tool that tells people the right thing to do when confronted with a decision. By arming yourself and your future employees with clear, well-planned systems, you increase your chances of success dramatically. Consider a paperwork system, and estimating system, a marketing system, a customer complaint handling system, etc. This way, when it is time to trust others to make decisions that affect the company, those decisions will probably be the right ones.  There is a lot more to running a power washing company than most people think, that’s why the Contractors Foundation is here, to help you with the tools you need to succeed when starting a pressure washing company of your own.

Legal Issues You Need To Decided On Before Starting A Pressure Washing Company

"Should you form a Corporation or a Sole Proprietorship or a Limited Liability Corporation or just start doing business now and worry about that other stuff later? What is a Corporation anyway? Don’t those things pay the highest tax rates? I’ve heard that Corporations are double taxed...” The answer to these and other questions is never exactly a simple one. Each person’s circumstances are a little different, and the decisions that should be made depend on those personal circumstances. In general, though, there are some important things to look at before you begin operating a company. To begin, we need to define the typical choices a business owner faces: Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, or a Limited Liability entity. When there are two or more owners, the possibility of forming a Partnership becomes part of the selection. A Sole Proprietorship is any business that has no separate existence from its owner in a legal sense. The business and the owner are one and the same in the eyes of the law. All debts of the business are debts of the owner – and vice versa. Since there are no partners, it is called a "sole" proprietorship. (Sometimes a business owned by both a husband and wife together is still considered a Sole Proprietorship.) This form of business has unlimited liability, so if the business is sued all of the owner’s assets are on the table - house, car, savings, etc. A Sole Proprietorship is considered a “pass - through” entity by the IRS. This means that the income or losses are passed through to the owner and reported on the owner’s individual tax return. A General Partnership is a type of business structure in which partners share with each other the profits, losses, and liabilities of the business. General Partners put their personal assets on the line when things go wrong, so think carefully before starting a pressure washing company as a General Partnership! Learn more about all of our pressure washing training classes here!

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