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How To Pressure Wash Houses, A Contractors Foundation Manual

Learn how to pressure wash houses with Vinyl siding, EIFS, Brick, Aluminum and many other types of materials.
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Learn how to pressure wash houses like a professional pressure washing contractor in this Manual from the Contractors Foundation. 

In this Manual, you will learn how to pressure wash houses the safe way using "zero" pressure, how to buy the right type of equipment you need, industry practices and methods, chemical reactions, pH scales, dwell times, soaps, surfactants and a whole lot more!

Here is a small sample of the basic information included in this house washing manual, it goes into a lot more depth than this of course, but we want you to know that our manuals and our classes contain valuable information, not a bunch of fluff like some of the "get rich quick" manuals you might find online.

Any task is always made easier with the right tools. Exterior house washing is no different. The right equipment can make the job easier and less time consuming.

Pressure Washer – Most contractors opt for a gas-powered portable pressure washer, cold water, rated at least 4 GPM. Hot water speeds the job up, and can be a worthwhile upgrade. If you go for hot water, limit yourself to 5-6 GPM, as this can be used with a typical hose connection to city water and no large tank is required.

Wands - The wands used with a washer can be very important. Having different length wands can make easy work out of hard to reach places. A short wand is excellent for washing small, closed in spaces. A long wand helps in reducing splashing in difficult areas like the underside of an upper level deck. A dual lance wand can apply chemicals at low pressure and rinse at the same or slightly higher pressure without changing wands or tips. A dual lance wand applies to house washing in that you can use this type of wand to regulate pressure as needed as you move from siding to brick, etc.

Telescoping Wands - Typical telescoping wands telescope from 6’ long to either 18’ or 24’ long, allowing you to reach areas like gable ends without trouble. They are used to apply power-washing agitation to hard-to-reach surfaces. These tools have a wide range in features and cost, from as low as $100 to as high as $500. The lower priced units are generally made of fiberglass and weigh up to 70 pounds or so. The more expensive models are made from aluminum and weigh as little as 17 pounds. Lower priced telescoping wands use plastic twist couplers to hold the wand in the extended position. Without careful handling, these twist couplers can strip out. Higher-end units use cam-lock fittings to hold the wand in an extended position.
The weight factor is very important with a tool like this. Often, contractors use belts to help support the weight of the wand with their hips rather than hold the tool all day with their arms alone.
Telescoping wands are a form of “direct” pressure washing, meaning that you will be washing with pressure on every square inch of surface. Using a tool like this is much less efficient than using soft wash tools like an X-Jet. Washing a house with a telescoping wand usually takes at least twice as much time as soft-washing a house. Nevertheless, a telescoping wand is a useful tool that every contractor should have in his arsenal just for those rare occasions when nothing else will work!

Tips - There are two factors to consider when selecting the proper tip: the orifice size and the spray angle. The orifice size determines the quantity of water and the pressure you will use. The spray angle determines the pattern of the spray.

Training Classes For Pressure Washing Houses

We also offer a house washing training class, and a Certification Exam on house washing services, that are based on this manual that give you more details on how to perform house washing services, and to expand your business. 

Our Instructors will share their personal experience on how they started their companies, and give you suggestions and guidance to help you avoid many of the problems that they dealt with over the years.  

Our House Washing Classes Include A classroom session that goes over all of the details you need to know to properly wash houses. A copy of our House Washing Manual. Videos showing how house washing is done out in the field. Hands on training, or an on site demonstration if hands on training is not available in the area. You will also receive a free credit to take our House Washing Certification Exam! Our house washing classes will teach you the right methods, tips and tricks that take most contractors years to learn through trial and error!  Stop losing house washing  jobs to contractors with little or no experience and learn how you can set yourself apart from your competition as a professional pressure washing contractor! Many of the cleaning applications we will discuss can be used on various types of exterior surfaces, including aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, Dryvit (a.k.a. EIFS or synthetic stucco), brick and masonry, wood and other surfaces. Pressure washers are the main tool used in today’s market and we will discuss the use of a pressure washer at length as well as other methods and best management practices.

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