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Pressure Washing Chemical Safety Guide

Safety Manual For Pressure Washing Chemicals
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Learn How To Use Pressure Washing Chemicals Safely To Increase Your Profits!

Using pressure washing chemicals is the most effective method for pressure washing today, this guide will teach you how to use them safely, and why using pressure washing chemicals is the smart thing to do! The myriad of laws and precedents facing contractors are intimidating, employees seldom want to cooperate, and sometimes safe practices affect job profitability.

With all of these forces working against the idea of a completely safe workplace, it is no wonder that we’d all rather just not think about the problem. The heart of any effective chemical safety program is communication, awareness, and enforcement. We are obligated by law to communicate all dangers we are aware of. We must raise worker awareness of dangers through regular reminders. We must insist on employee cooperation with our chemical safety program.

The greatest obstacle to safety in the workplace is attitude – both on the employee’s part and the employer’s part. Employees tend to believe they are somewhat unlikely to get themselves into trouble, and if they would be involved in an accident, they won’t actually be seriously hurt. Employers tend to look at the cost of safety instead of the savings safe practices bring. These attitudes work in unison to produce workplace disasters. Employers and employees all gain when a safe environment prevents injury or death, lost time and lost opportunity, and needless costs. Our goal is to help your company be more successful by avoiding the problems that accompany workplace accidents.

Employee Safety Training
It is in every company’s best interest to make every reasonable effort to keep personnel trained and informed in safe work practices. Safety training is provided initially as part of the employee’s orientation and ongoing through regular Safety Talks.

Key elements of a safety-training program include:
• Written Safety Policies presented and discussed during initial orientation.
• Review of the company’s safety rules and safe work practices with the employee by their supervisor prior to the commencement of work and every time a new task is attempted for the first time.
• Documentation of Safety Training (with signatures) as part of your Company’s Safety Training Program.

It is recommended that any Safety Program you implement be fully documented for the protection of the company. Record who attended any session, what was discussed, the date and time of the presentation, etc. You may have to demonstrate some day that your company made every reasonable effort to communicate, educate, and enforce.

  • It is recommended that you create a Safety Manual specific to your company that outlines the Safety Rules and Policies that your company adopts. This is how most employees learn what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not.

  • It is suggested that you hold regular safety meetings to reinforce what the Safety Manual states. This is a very useful tool, because short Safety Talks can touch on subjects that are relative at that moment in time. (A 10-minute Safety Talk, given every Monday morning, is one of the smartest ways to keep safety in the forefront of your employees’ thoughts.

Listed here are some good Safety Talk topics. Any one of these could easily be made into multiple short discussions for Safety Talks. Select the most appropriate mini-topic, and spend 10 minutes discussing the important points of that topic with your crews as they begin their work week.
  • Electrical Safety Workplace Housekeeping – Slips, Trips, & Falls
  • Fire Safety Ergonomic Injuries
  • Chemical Safety & Hazardous Materials Horseplay
  • Equipment & Tool Safety – Hand & Power Tools First Aid for specific dangers
  • Temperature & Weather Safety Issues Heimlich Techniques
  • Material Handling Personal Protective Gear
  • Confined Spaces Driving Safety

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