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Roof Cleaning Manual

Roof cleaning training classes and guides
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Learn how to clean roofs!

In this in depth roof cleaning manual from the Contractors Foundation you will learn how to clean roofs to remove the black (sometimes blue or green) stains commonly seen on roofs, known as gloeocapsa magma, which is the most common reason people want to clean roofs.  Most power washing companies that perform roof cleaning services treat this as a mold, but gloeocapsa magma is actually a species of cyanobacteria.  

Why Is Learning How To Clean Roofs Important?

Cyanobacteria are an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria, which photolyze water, generating oxygen gas.  No matter what you define this as, it is unsightly and therefore affects the curb appeal of any home.  The dark stains place an added load on air conditioning systems as well.  By learning how to clean roofs, you can remove the Bacteria from the roofs and drastically improve the curb appeal of the home.  You can also add years of life to the roof, because this bacteria feeds microscopic components of shingles, ultimately it invites moss and lichen and algae to infest the structure of the roof material and cause premature failure of the roof. It has been estimated that as much as 50% of all roof replacements have been done because of the appearance of the roof and not actually because of its functionality.

To Clean Roofs, You Need The Right Chemicals!

Cleaning roofs with these types of stains are impossible to do safely, without the aid of roof cleaning chemicals.  Caustics are inexpensive and very effective for killing molds like this.  Cleaning roofs for residential and commercial roofing has become one of the best profit centers of the exterior cleaning business over the last decade. This is due to two factors: the fast spread of the contributing algae problem from warm, humid climates in the southeast to the north and west; and because property owners are becoming more knowledgeable by browsing the Internet. To find out how to clean roofs, take our roof cleaning class or buy a copy of this manual and start your own roof cleaning company today!

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