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Start A Pressure Washing Company Manual

Starting a pressure washing company
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Learn How To Start A Pressure Washing Business

This Manual, and our pressure washing 101 class were developed to help individuals create a solid plan to start a pressure washing Business and since 2000, we have helped Hundreds of people start successful companies all over the Country.  Most of our students have reported earning nearly $100,000 in sales within 2-3 Years, and some have earned much more.  We can't guarantee how much money your pressure washing company will make, but we can guarantee you that we will give you all of the information and guidance you need, but it's up to you to use the information.

Usually when you start a pressure washing business your main focus is growth in sales and profits, but if you don't have a a solid plan on on how to make that happen, your off to a bad start.  Those of us who are willing to do the work and make the necessary investments can grow our companies to much larger and more stable operations if we can just find the right people and teach them what we have learned – without training them to become competitors of ours. This is quite a challenge!  

How Should You Start A Pressure Washing Business For Success?

In our classes on how to start a pressure washing company, we teach you how to start thinking in terms of “systems” for your business that will help you grow. A system is an organizational tool that tells people the right thing to do when confronted with a decision. By arming yourself and your future employees with clear, well-planned systems, you increase your chances of success dramatically. Consider a paperwork system, and estimating system, a marketing system, a customer complaint handling system, etc. This way, when it is time to trust others to make decisions that affect the company, those decisions will probably be the right ones.

Focusing on profitability before you even try to start a pressure washing company will give you a chance to go through the details that will build the foundation of your business.  It will also help you to avoid many of the common mistakes that put other companies out of business.  

Choosing The Right Equipment To Start A Pressure Washing Company

Another of the most fundamental decisions you make when you start a pressure washing company is where to buy equipment and supplies for the business. There are several points we want you to think about. There are lots of examples of suppliers that are good or bad for your business. If they are not open when you need them, if their prices are far out of line, if they carry weak products or inferior equipment, they don’t deserve your business.

Good Local Dealers have SERVICE as their focus. These are the folks that will come out to your shop or job to deliver services such as help during mechanical emergencies. They offer a full range of products and equipment, usually in stock and ready to deliver. Typically (but not always) these folks might charge higher prices for their equipment and supplies because of the many costs of doing business they have (such as the cost of carrying inventory so you can have immediate delivery). Complaints about Local Dealers are usually based on failed service. Praises for Local Dealers are usually about their response to your emergency, getting you back in operation with a minimum of downtime.

Local Dealers often have territorial rights to the equipment brands they sell. Local Dealers compete in the area they are in, and most areas cannot support more than a single specialty supplier. If you don’t buy your equipment and supplies from your local dealer, you have no right to complain if they close their doors.  Also, a local pressure washing supply company can be your best asset when you start a pressure washing business, so building a relationship with them should be tops on your list!

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