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EPA Compliant Pressure Washing Services Training Manual

EPA Compliant Pressure Washing Services Training Manual
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EPA Compliant Pressure Washing Services

Providing EPA compliant pressure washing services can doesn't have to be difficult, or cost thousands of dollars in equipment.  The primary focus of this guide and the class is compliance with local regulations related to the Clean Water Act.

Since every governing body has created their own guidelines and regulations independent of each other for EPA compliant pressure washing services, it is not possible for us to guarantee that the information contained in this manual and the class is specific to your particular location.  But, it has been found that the material we teach complies with the requirements of about 98% of the areas that previous students provide services in.

In this guide and our class on EPA compliant pressure washing, we will spend considerable time on typical solutions used in the cleaning industry with the intention of teaching you generic ways to comply with the law.  With increasingly complex rules and regulations governing the discharging of wash water into street drains, it means that pressure washing contractors are facing strict challenges performing what used to be routine work.

The problem is that storm drains discharge directly into lakes and streams without any treatment whatsoever. As pressure washing contractors, we dislodge polluting particles when we work, and these particles have contributed to overall pollution problems, that's why learning EPA compliant pressure washing methods is a must for any pressure washing company.  Sure, you can sneak around at night and avoid EPA compliance for a while, but that's not what a responsible pressure washing contractor should be doing.

Instead learn how to provide EPA compliant pressure washing services and set the example for other contractors, and use it to your advantage when bidding on jobs.  You will probably find that most pressure washing contractors in your area DO NOT provide EPA compliant pressure washing services, and that can easily make you stand out against your competition!

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